About Us

You may have read a lot of blog posts about comparing fake and real luxury bags, but many of them are meaningless comparisons. Because many of those bloggers just get fake bags of poor quality for comparison, and some of them don’t even get fake bags, but only use screenshots on the Internet for comparison. By comparing some fuzzy photos of different filming environments, they concluded the difference in quality between fake and real bags, which is not objective at all.

Our website tries to get the top quality fake bags from the market, and then put them together with the real bags, and take photos at the same time in the same environment.

We want to use the most realistic shots to show the difference of real and fake bags. We will make a few text reviews, but more is to let readers make their own judgments based on our real photos.

I am Michelle. I represent a small non-profit team composed of several luxury bag lovers. We often gather to share our luxury gains and fashion knowledge with each other. Because we sometimes come into contact with the real and fake bags of the same model, we discuss related topics and check the information on the Internet. Over time, we found that it is difficult to find valuable reference materials on the Internet about luxury bag identification, or most of them are already outdated. This often misleads users of luxury bags.

Therefore, we set up this website trying to tell the difference between fake and real luxury bags in our own way. We only discuss the difference between fake and real products here. Readers please make purchase decisions according to your own needs. If you have any questions about our blog, please feel free to contact us.